Monday, 18 June 2007

It's so hard to fill the days without you

The Sweptaways are a 30-strong all-female acapella choir from Sweden; or "30 ladies who sing covers", as they rather succinctly put it. I know what you're thinking: the female Flying Pickets. But would that be such a bad thing, really? Well, possibly. But despite their acapella leanings and their reliance on cover versions, the Sweptaways' sound is a completely original - and refreshing - one. Their album Ooh Aah is easily my favourite release of 2007 so far; no matter how often I play it, I never get tired of any of the songs. (always a good sign, that.)

Tracks on Ooh Ahh include interpretations of classics from the likes of Kate Bush, Black Sabbath, Lesley Gore, Pet Shop Boys and Kiss, together with versions of more recent hits from Swedish artists such as El Perro Del Mar, Vapnet and the two covers I've included as MP3s here, The Embassy's It Never Entered My Mind and Jenny Wilson's Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward. For me, The Sweptaways' versions of these tracks comfortably surpass the originals, and give both songs a new lease of life.

As well as Ooh Ahh, the ladies also released a yuletide single in 2006 entitled Cry Cry Christmas, featuring guest vocals by Weeping Willows' ace crooner Magnus Carlson. This single is also highly recommended and well worth putting on your list of Christmas songs for 2007! Both releases are available to buy as downloads from the Klicktrack music store, or directly from the Hybris webshop.

The Sweptaways - Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward mp3

The Sweptaways - It Never Entered My Mind mp3

The Sweptaways' My Space page


Spike said...

It Never Entered My Mind is my favourite Sweptaways song! They're a really great and different band. Good choice!

John said...

Thanks! I think that might even be my absolute favourite track of theirs too.