Monday, 11 June 2007

It's super Tuesday on a Friday night


Hello, and thanks for dropping by. You're reading the first ever entry in the all-new MP3 blog that literally two people are calling Too Much Apple Pie. Aren't you lucky? My name's John, and I'll be doing some of the posting around here. I'll also be joined by my great showbiz chum, Spike, who'll be contributing (much better posts than this one) on a regular basis.

We thought we'd kick things off with one of our favourite songs by one of our favourite bands, the now-defunct Dutch maestros Daryll-Ann, as a sort of mission statement (slightly pompous pronouncement ahoy!) for what we hope to achieve with this blog: to get some of our favourite, often largely forgotten, musical acts "back out there" as it were, even if only on one obscure blog.

Anyway, the track we've chosen here is three and a half minutes of pop perfection, Surely Justice, from Daryll-Ann's 1999 album Happy Traum. Hope you like it. If you do, I'd definitely recommend seeking the album out as there are 13 more equally great songs to enjoy on there.

Buy Daryll-Ann stuff here

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