Thursday, 12 July 2007

"Who cares about the weather when you know it's going to change tomorrow?"

I'm not normally prone to recommending songs which begin, "OMG! He broke up with me!" (especially those which also mention the dreaded Myspace) but this is a notable exception. 'Emo Phillips' is not about the strange-voiced American comedian of that name, but about those over-emotional, hysterical, depressed, floppy-haired types prone to writing terrible songs about bleeding and how much the world is against them - ie. me at the age of 15. This would normally be a disappointment but this Arrah and the Ferns song is utterly fantastic.

Arrah and the Ferns - Emo Phillips (Right click and 'save target as')

Arrah and the Ferns are Arrah Fisher, Carl Stovner and Dave Segedy from Muncie, Indiana. They formed when Carl and Arrah signed up for an open mic night without having written any songs and managed to persuade the recently-dumped Dave to join them. Their songs may sound sunny but listen closely and you'll find more sinister lyrics lurking:

"I have no choice but to dissect you with the laser beam that I built last year
when the ice caps melted and oh, the world was captive by your fear!
Or should I kill you while you're sleeping?
I'll give you drugs and drag you to the street
The sun is high and bright, I'll grab that magnifying glass
And watch you die you die you die you die!"

That's from Science Books - download below.

Arrah and the Ferns - Science Books (Right click and 'save target as')

Both these tracks are from the album 'Evan Is A Vegan', which you can buy from Standard Recording Company who are handily having a sale during July. Just make a note of the coupon number on the front page.

Here are Arrah and the Ferns performing 'Emo Phillips' live:

Arrah and the Ferns website | Arrah and the Ferns on Myspace


John said...

Great stuff! Love that live version of Emo Phillips. Rocking!

Stacey said...

fantastic! thanks!

Spike said...

My pleasure!