Thursday, 23 August 2007

They think it's Pullover - it is now!

Ahh, the traditional British seaside holiday - you just can't beat it. Inexplicably unsuccessful mid-90s Fierce Panda signings Pullover would seem to concur - certainly if their fabulous 1996 single Holiday is anything to go by. The video's great fun, too. (ten bonus points to the first person who can successfully identify the English seaside town featured in the video!)

(can you believe that clip's been up on You Tube for over six months, yet has only been viewed forty-three times so far?)

A bit more info on Pullover, gleaned from their MySpace page: Carol Isherwood sings, Lee Damarell plays the bass guitar, Michael Malley plays the guitar and Joe Duddell plays the drums. They're from Manchester, have recorded two albums - the first of which never saw the light of day due to record company problems (how frustrating); there is better news about the second, however. They promise that All You Need Is Love will be released soon on their own Knitwear Records label. I just hope this pans out for them. A decade plus is a hell of a long time to be waiting for your first album release, after all.

In the meantime, here are a couple of Pullover MP3s to tide us over. The first, White Horses and Shooting Stars, is my favourite song of theirs, a gorgeous, life-affirming number encouraging the listener to believe in themselves, follow their dreams and never settle for second best. A trifle quixotic, maybe, but very well-meaning and uplifting sentiments, and a great song to boot.

The second track is the aforementioned You Tube favourite Holiday, which brings us right back to where we started from, to paraphrase Maxine Nightingale.*

(*I very nearly said Sinitta, there, but thought better of it in the end!)

Pullover - White Horses and Shooting Stars mp3 (available for seven days)

Pullover - Holiday mp3 (available for seven days)

Pullover's MySpace page


Spike said...

That looks suspiciously like Hastings to me! I really enjoyed that video! How was Holiday never a hit?!

John said...

Yes, if it's not Hastings, it's doing a bloody good impression of it! Who knew when we were sat on the beach there t'other week that we were actually on hallowed turf ... erm, stones?