Thursday, 2 August 2007

"When the lights were out I broke into your home"

The band I'll be talking about today come from Sweden (surely that country has given us more than its fair share of fantastic music already?). Stockholm, to be precise. That's about all I know about them, to be honest! Well, that and the fact there are five members of the band - Andrea Dahlkild, Gunnar Jacobsson, Kristoffer Rengfors, Pontus Leander and Robert Klaesson.
Hari and Aino have recently released a single containing three tracks on the excellent Cloudberry Records label. You can download the tracks from the Hari and Aino myspace page but CDs with artwork are far better than silly old mp3s, aren't they? Having said that, here are a couple of mp3s for you to be listening to in the meantime.

The single, Your Heartache And Mine, is my favourite track of Hari and Aino's. Download it below and witness them playing it live here. Then buy it because it's so blummin' brilliant!

Hari and Aino - Your Heartache And Mine (right click and save as)

Second Song is also rather good. I like to sing that other great Swedish band ABBA's Mamma Mia along with it sometimes. It fits in quite well for a little while...

Hari and Aino - Second Song (right click and save as)

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John said...

Good stuff! You're right about the Mamma Mia thing as well!