Wednesday, 26 September 2007

The Go-Between

Two albums that came out in 1991, both by Antipodean artists, remain to this day pretty much my favourite summer albums. The first is Crowded House's multi-squillion-selling, radio-friendly masterpiece Woodface; the second is Watershed by the (at the time) ex-Go-Between Grant McLennan - or "G.W. McLennan" as he somewhat earnestly christened himself on his early solo records.

It's often been said that Grant was the Paul McCartney to Robert Forster's John Lennon in the Go-Betweens' songwriting partnership, and I think that point is perfectly illustrated - at least regarding (Mc)Lennan & McCartney - in today's featured songs: Haven't I Been A Fool and Easy Come, Easy Go - both upbeat, catchy numbers (daddio) that make you feel glad to be alive. (Of course, lines such as "Tell the funeral man I don't like powder on my face" sound achingly poignant in 2007, knowing what we know now, but still...) The highest compliment I can pay Watershed is that it's as good as anything the Go-Betweens ever did - and I bloody love The Go-Betweens.

Actually, it's probably a bit late in the day (or year, at least) to be banging on about summery pop music, but never mind. Just pretend it's the start of June or something, sit back and revel in these sunny-day songs from a genuinely great, much-missed singer-songwriter.

G.W. McLennan - Haven't I Been A Fool mp3

G.W. McLennan - Easy Come Easy Go mp3

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