Monday, 10 September 2007

Great moments in Swedish pop #9627

Taking their name from (of all things) a flavour of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Pineforest Crunch were formed in the Swedish city of Solna in 1996 by former school friends Åsa Eklund, Olle Söderström, Mats Lundgren and Mattias Olsson, along with ski trip acquaintance(!) Jonas Petterson. Influenced by bands like American Music Club and The Sundays, Pineforest Crunch went on to record three well-received albums and an EP between 1996 and 2002. From the first album, here are the band playing the ineffably marvellous Cup Noodle Song (a #3 smash in the Swedish pop charts in '96), live on Japanese TV:

Isn't that just the greatest thing? Actually, there's also a video of another Pineforest Crunch classic, Shang-ri La, up on You Tube, but the sound quality's terrible on that one and really doesn't do the song justice, so it's probably best to give it a wide berth. I do have the CD single of Shang-ri La somewhere, but couldn't find it for looking tonight, so I'll have to put that up here at a later date, just as soon as I've tracked it down. I have at least managed to locate my copy of the first album, Make Believe, though, so am able to furnish you with an mp3 of the previously-mentioned, permanently-brilliant Cup Noodle Song. Now I can't say fairer than that!

Pineforest Crunch - Cup Noodle Song mp3 (up for 7 days - left click)

Why not check out Pineforest Crunch's official website

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