Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Three of a kind #6

Three songs about (or at least namechecking) stars of the silver screen today: Lee Remick from The Go-Betweens' 78 'til 79 - The Lost Album; Michael Caine from Divine Madness; and Theda Bara from The Hot Puppies' excellent Under The Crooked Moon.

Now, if you're a bit of a philistine like me, you may not know who Theda Bara is - or was, rather. In short, that's her sprawled across that rock in the picture on the right. She was a silent film star in the early part of the last century - an extremely famous one for a while, too. Basically, if I'd have written this blog entry 90 years ago, they'd have been landing here via Google in their droves!

It's funny how some stars get largely written out of history, though. I'd never even heard Theda Bara's name until I first caught that Hot Puppies song; even then it was months before I made the connection about her being a former film star. There's actually an entire 1915 movie in which she starred, A Fool There Was, over on You Tube for anyone curious to see her in action (and with a spare 67 minutes and 25 seconds on their hands!).

The Go-Betweens - Lee Remick mp3

The Hot Puppies - Theda Bara mp3

Madness - Michael Caine mp3

(tracks available for seven days)

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Spike said...

Great songs all! And ta for the link to the film as well. I'll watch that later.

Kippers said...

You're welcome! Tell you what, let's have a competition and see who gets round to watching that film first. (if there's no outright winner by, say, 2012, we'll call it a draw :d)