Friday, 26 October 2007

Daryll-Ann / Paulusma

Of all the great bands to emerge in the nineties, my favourite two would probably be, in no particular order, Sweden's Popsicle and, from the Netherlands, Daryll-Ann. The latter were actually the first band I ever blogged about on here. That's how much I heart them. Besides, what's not to love about a band who took their name from - and named their first album after - characters from Hill Street Blues?

Despite briefly enjoying (limited) success in the UK in the mid-90s when signed to Virgin offshoot Hut, most of Daryll-Ann's seven albums (they moved to Dutch label Excelsior Recordings after being dropped by Hut in 1996) never even received a release in the UK. This was a great shame as they actually hit their creative peak shortly after parting company with Hut, so they could and should have received far more acclaim in the UK than they ever did. I really can't recommend this band highly enough (or should that be 'too highly'? I can never remember how that's supposed to go).

The band split in 2004, after twelve years, but lead singer Jelle Paulusma resurfaced in '06 with the splendid Here We Are, ten tracks that essentially picked up where Daryll-Ann left off. From it, here's the sublime Serpentine Tomorrow.

Paulusma - Serpentine Tomorrow mp3

And, from Daryll-Ann's penultimate album, Trailer Tales, here's the more-fun-than-you-can-shake-a-stick-at Serenades For The Lonely.

Daryll-Ann - Serenades For The Lonely mp3

If you enjoyed those tracks, you'll love Daryll-Ann and Paulusma's albums - seriously! Buy them here and here.


Spike said...

That is my favourite Paulusma song and Serenades For the Lonely is definitely in my Daryll-Ann top 5! Love those trumpets and backing vocals!

Kippers said...

Yes, I thought you might enjoy this one! ;)