Saturday, 20 October 2007

Three of a kind #15

Three great 'list' songs today, dropping more famous names between them than a gossip columnist at a school reunion.

First up, it's the late Roger Troutman's funksters Zapp with 1985's It Doesn't Really Matter, a genuinely brilliant tribute to their musical heroes, including: Rick James, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Cameo, the Gap Band, Prince, and....themselves! I first came across this song at an under-18s disco I used to frequent in my youth every Thursday night at a local holiday camp. It may have been on a school night and all over by half ten, but by gum they didn't half play some good tunes. This one stilll sounds as fab as ever.

Zapp - It Doesn't Really Matter (extended version) mp3

Next it's arguably Spearmint's finest hour, their tribute to some great singers and bands from north of the border. Cannot believe they forgot to namecheck Jim Diamond, the Bay City Rollers and Fish though!

Spearmint - Scottish Pop mp3

Finally today it's erstwhile New York new wave/electro/pop/punk combo Le Tigre with Hot Topic, a tribute to loads of their feminist icons. Ahhh, God bless the little ladies eh! (actually, Aretha Franklin gets her second mention of the day here. Sadly she seems to have just missed the cut on Scottish Pop, though.)

Le Tigre - Hot Topic mp3

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Spike said...

Great songs all! You cannae beat a good list song. One of my favourites is Half Man Half Biscuit's Breaking News where they list lots of really annoying things.

Kippers said...

Don't think I've heard that HMHB song. That reminds me of another one that almost made my list list (is there an echo in here?) - I, Ludicrous' My Favourite Records. Oh, and I'd've loved to include A House's Endless Art but I rather stupidly sold my 7" of it many years ago. Doh!

Colin said...

Haha... re; the Spearmint track.

Yes, quite telling who they *didn't* include in that little list...


All founding members of Nazareth need a mention, shurely?