Friday, 23 November 2007

"This might be a silly dream but it makes sense to me"

The Dreamers
"Squeal!" *frolic* "Yessssssssss!"

This is what happened in my house this morning when my post arrived. The Dreamers' debut album Day For Night had finally dropped on my doormat.
I swooned and clapped when I first heard about The Dreamers because I already knew I loved Swedish wonder Sarah Nyberg Pergament (aka Action Biker) who is one half of The Dreamers. The other half is English songsmith Kevin Wright, who has gone by the recording name of Mr. Wright and was in the band Always on El Records. High pedigree indeed!

Then I danced and checked the Friendly Noise website every day for three months when I heard they were going to release Day For Night. I was ridiculously excited about this release. You can already see the potential for enormous disappointment, can't you?

But that's the the strange's even better than I expected! I'm not sure how that's possible, but it's happened! It's a beautiful album and may even knock Jens Lekman off the top of my favourite albums of 2007 list.
Below are two tracks from Day For Night which will be available for just 7 days. The magical A Place I Know and perfect final track of the album Goodnight Farewell My Friend.

The Dreamers - A Place I Know mp3

The Dreamers - Goodnight Farewell My Friend mp3

Please, please be good to yourself and buy the album.

And as a timely treat here's Action Biker's version of a Swedish advent song, which you can download for free from the Friendly Noise website. (There's also another free Action Biker mp3 to download, so why not head over there?)

Action Biker - Vinden Susar I Advent mp3 (right click and save as)

Buy Day For Night on CD from Friendly Noise or download from Klicktrack. Either way you're getting aural magic for a bargain price!

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Kippers said...

Even better than Jens Lekman? High praise indeed!

Thanks a lot for these tracks by the way. Been meaning to buy this album myself for ages too. BTW, ta for the tip-off about Refridgerator (ie the other Action Biker mp3 over at Friendly Noise.) I'd never heard that one before!