Saturday, 10 November 2007

Three of a kind #19

The LucksmithsFrente!The Waifs

Kylie Minogue, Men At Work, Rolf Harris...yup, Australia has produced some quality music over the years (do not think I'm kidding here - I cry at Two Little Boys every single time and Kippers and I are still arguing over which song was Kylie's finest hour), but there's more! Much, much more. Here are live songs from three of my favourite Australian bands.

The chances are that, if you've stuck with our blog to this point, you'll already be familiar with The Lucksmiths. Here's a song from a recent gig of theirs in Massachusetts. You can download the rest of the gig from Bradley's Almanac.

The Lucksmiths - Great Lengths (live) mp3 (right click and save as)

"I wonder if you can pick up my accent on the phone", muse The Waifs in their 2002 single, London Still. Yes. Yes we can. And I hope to always hear it because it's lovely! This is from a live session for Radio 3 from a few years back.
The Waifs - London Still (live) mp3 (left click, available for 7 days)

And finally, the band which opened my eyes to how great Aussie music can be, Frente! I'm not entirely sure when this is from - probably 1997 or so - but if anyone wants to hear the rest of the session, leave a comment saying so and I'll put it up.

Frente! - What's Come Over Me (live) mp3 (left click, available for 7 days)

There are lots of lovely downloads if you visit Frente! lead singer Angie Hart's website.

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Kippers said...

Strewth, love, what a bonzer post! Yer blood's worth bottling, etc!

BTW, it's Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi :P

Mr Rossy said...

I used to love frentre sO much back in the day, that cover they done of that new order song, so cute...have you heard You Am I, they are from NZ tho, dough !!!

OMG, you have to listen to Augie March, they are from oz, amazing album - Strange Bird, they sound abit like Midlake.

ally. said...

i'm really enjoying these tracks - they've been played far too often the last few days and have turned me decidedly fey.
the lovely lot over at i'm not always so stupid put me on to the lucksmiths via their cover of a siddeleys track but i never got round to following up on their tip. i really should've shouldn't i. and i only knew 'bizarre love triangle' by frente too. oh and that dolly and kenny cover which is fabulosa.
anyway sorry to rattle on but thankyou dearies

Spike said...

Cheers, Mr Rossy - I'll look those out sometime since I'm not familiar with them!

Oh yes Ally. They also do cracking I Want You Back and Something Stupid covers. But let's not dwell on how great their covers are - their own orginals are pretty damn ace too!
Yes, look further into The Lucksmiths. I need to as well, since I've only heard about an album's worth of them. I've got some more of theirs knocking around here somewhere. Too much music, too little time!