Saturday, 8 December 2007

A Gift From Stiff

About twelve years ago I picked up an old Stiff records compilation, Wonderful Time Out There, from a covered market in Essex. Seemingly some sort of industry promo - many of the songs are preceded by Christmas messages from the artists, and the sub-title A Gift From Stiff is also a bit of a giveaway(!) - the album serves as a snapshot of the label at the end of 1981, and, as you'd expect from Stiff, it's a pretty eclectic mix.

Here's the full track listing:

A Side

Alvin Stardust - A Wonderful Time Up There
Department S - I Want
Madness - It Must Be Love
The Belle Stars - Another Latin Love Song
Jona Lewie - Stop The Cavalry
The Dancing Did - The Lost Platoon
Ian Dury - What A Waste

B Side
Tenpole Tudor - Throwing My Baby Out With The Bath Water
Billy Bremner - Loud Music In Cars
Jona Lewie - Re-arranging The Deck Chairs On The Titanic
The Cory Band And The Gwalia Singers - Stop The Cavalry
The Save The Children Fund Choir - Little Star
The Snowmen - Hokey-Cokey

Today's featured songs are from three of the more obscure artists on the album: ex-Rockpile member Billy Bremner; The Cory (brass) Band accompanied by Welsh male voice choir The Gwalia Singers; and comedy Snowmen the, erm, Snowmen. Enjoy!

Billy Bremner - Loud Music In Cars mp3

The Cory Band And The Gwalia Singers - Stop The Cavalry mp3

The Snowmen - Hokey Cokey mp3

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