Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Always take the weather(man) with you

One of the most common searches that leads people to this blog is for John Kettley (Is A Weatherman) by A Tribe of Toffs (which I wrote about here). Time and again it crops up, but - as we only tend to put songs up for a single week - the accompanying mp3 file would have expired months ago. Result: lots of disappointed Googlers. Yet no one has ever thought to ask us to repost it - until now. (that's really all it takes!)

So, "8fishy" (if that's even your real name), and to all other fans of novelty singles about TV weathermen from the eighties, here's the song, as requested. Happy listening.

A Tribe of Toffs - John Kettley (Is A Weatherman) mp3 (available for 7 days.)


Mister P said...

A work of unbridled pop genius. And cheers for the uniformly excellent blog, I am a regular reader.

Kippers said...

Ah, so you're the one! Thanks, mister p - much appreciated.

Tracklister said...

I also have a copy of this single, An a American friend heard it and couldn't understand.
How do explain this record to someone who has no idea who John Kettley is and doesn't have a British sense of humour ?

Kippers said...

With great difficulty I'd imagine!

8fishy said...

Thanks sooooooooooooo much Kippers. I've been wanting this song for agessssss!