Wednesday, 16 January 2008

"She makes me go 'Ahh!' Oh what a star!"

My favourite description of Lorraine Bowen comes from an Amazon review from someone in Australia and reads like this:
"Imagine your office tea lady with a portable keyboard, some crazy glamorous outfit, the voice of an angel, loads of talent, a gay following... ok, so it's a lot to imagine, but the good news is - you don't have to, here it is!"

The Lorraine Bowen ExperienceIt really does tell you everything you need to know about the woman who performs under the name The Lorraine Bowen Experience.
And now here are some things you don't need to know but might be interested in anyway...

Lorraine is currently the assistant musical director of the City of Brighton Gay Men's Chorus. She has released 4 CDs on her own Sequin Skirt label - Greatest Hits Volume One (1995), Greatest Hits Volume Two (1998), BOSSY NOVA (2000), and Lorraine Bowen's Vital Organs (2006). Ms Bowen has appeared in two series of the Shuttleworths on Radio 4.
And finally, Lorraine Bowen has appeared with Billy Bragg both on record (The Internationale and Don't Try This At Home) and on tour. Yes, I bet that one surprised you, eh?

Here's three songs which show the great variety of The Lorraine Bowen Experience. First a swooning ode to Julie Christie, complete with beautiful backing vocals (as used to great effect in the film Better Than Chocolate), followed by a more comic song about the dangers of combining insects with drinks and finally, as a tribute to my esteemed fellow blogger, a sweet tale of love and fish.

The Lorraine Bowen Experience - Julie Christie mp3 (available for 7 days)

The Lorraine Bowen Experience - Insect Song mp3 (available for 7 days)

The Lorraine Bowen Experience - Kippers For Breakfast mp3 (available for 7 days)

Where can you get hold of CDs by Lorraine Bowen? Why, at the shop on her website of course! (And for those of you not in the UK, you can head over to CD Baby to buy Vital Organs and Bossy Nova.)

Please also enjoy the Lorraine Bowen Experience on youtube and myspace.

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Kippers said...

Lovely stuff - thanks! (and yes, that Billy Bragg fact really did surprise me, for one!)