Friday, 25 January 2008

"Why do things always happen to me?"

Northern soulBeing an indiepop fan, it is the law that I must also love northern soul. I can't quite work out what the similarity is between these genres but there must be some connection, given the amount of people who can't get enough of both of them. Obviously I'm one of those people, and not just because it's the law.

Aside from the fantastic music, northern soul singers have brilliantly normal and un-pop-starry names. Reading the track listing for a northern soul album is like seeing the names of all your aunties and uncles written down.
Anyway, here are two of my favourite northern soul songs ever.

To be honest, I know not a single thing about Don Ray (I just mistyped his surname as 'Yay' in a Freudian manner) and do I really need to? I love this song more than my own children. Fortunately I'm not especially maternal and don't have any children, but if I did have any, they'd probably come second to Born A Loser. Self pity was never so much fun! If you ever meet anybody wandering around singing this to themselves - complete with backing vocals - that'll be me.

Don Ray - Born A Loser mp3 (available for 7 days)

Insistent drum beat? Check. Funky bassline? Check. Cool brass section? Check. Sweet but powerful vocal? Oh yes! Apparently, when this Gwen Owens single was released, most of the records had a fault which prevented them from playing properly and never made it into record shops. So sad!

Gwen Owens - Just Say You're Wanted and Needed mp3 (available for 7 days)

You can find both of these greats - plus 98 more - on the brilliant but expensive compilation Keeping The Faith - 40 Years of Northern Soul OR you could spend under £10 on a couple of northern soul compilation albums to get them plus 84 others. You have plenty of options!


Kippers said...

What do you mean normal and un-pop-starry names??...

...I'm loving Donald and Gwenyth's work, by the way! ;)

ally. said...

don's track sounds especially indie -i've often pondered the link and only ever get as far as a kind of innocence thing going on and a purity. and an massive nerdiness

ally. said...

wade flemmons
roscoe shelton
sidney barnes
sam fletcher

together at last on the up all night compilation - thrill along with don varner, marvin l sims, and gwen davies too.

i do love a rocknroll name

Kippers said...

Heh. These names just get better and better. (Wade flemmons - I've told him not to, but will he listen?!)