Monday, 11 February 2008

Elenette gain

If you enjoyed the Lustans Lakejer track (Segerns Sötma) that we linked to recently, then the chances are you might also appreciate the similarly Swedish synthpop stylings (alliteration alert!) of Elenette - certainly on Kaerlekscomplexet and Jag Hatar Män, today's featured mp3s.

While the songs are very enjoyable, the band lose a few brownie points for this hilariously pretentious "About" piece from their MySpace page:

"The performance of elenette plays upon the distinction between the anatomy of the performer and the gender that is being performed. But we are actually in the presence of three contingent dimensions of significant corporeality: anatomical sex, gender identity,and gender performance. If the anatomy of the performer is already distinct from the gender of the performer, and both of those are distinct from the gender of the performance, then the performance suggests a dissonance not only between sex and performance, but sex and gender, and gender and performance. As much as elenette creates a unified picture of 'man' (what its critics often oppose), it also reveals the distinctness of those aspects of gendered experience which are falsely naturalized as a unity through the regulatory fiction of heterosexual coherence. In imitating gender, elenette implicitly reveals the imitative structure of gender itself [...]."

Wake up! Wake up! Here are the songs!

Elenette - Kaerlekscomplexet mp3 (right click and Save Target As)

Elenette - Jag Hatar Män mp3 (right click and Save Target As)

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