Friday, 29 February 2008

"I would want for you to be 19 forever"

How can a band with 9 members (that's NINE) be so hard to find out about? Well Florian are.

They're Swedish, as so many lovely bands are. From Stockholm to be precise and...erm...there are nine of them, did I mention that? They are Aina Myrstener (trumpet/cello), Märta Myrstener (vocals), Gerda Persson (piano), Katarina Flakierska (synthesizer), Hanna Jensen (violin), Lars Gribbe (violin), Valdemar Gezelius (guitar), Stefan Gurunihey (bass) and Jesper Engström (drums) and together they make a glorious sound. A bit like this:

Florian - Hanna Aina Lisa Karin mp3 (left click available for 7 days)

I just want to grab a tambourine and join in! What a song! It's twee in the best possible way, with trumpets and recorders and lovely breathy vocals and lots of uses of the word 'spectacular' (when do you ever hear that word in a song?).

Sadly, Florian seem to have fizzled out - which I believe is due to some of the band moving away - but not before they released a couple of EPs and one full-length album which I am yet to get my hands on, though not for want of trying. The album is called Florianópolis and contains 9 tracks. That's one for each member of the band (did I mention there are nine of them...?)! If the track below is indicative of the quality of the whole album, I'm sure you'll all be wanting a copy, but you can get in the queue behind me!

Florian - When I Spend Time With You There Is A Party mp3 (right click and save as)

Florian's website is still up (aww, it's on Geocities!) and you can listen to some more wonderful songs from their 'lost EP' on their myspace page. If I find anywhere which can deliver on the album, I'll let you know.

(There are nine members in the band, in case you were wondering...)


martijn said...

There's a story about them doing a support for Aerospace but not being let into the club, because most (if not all) of them were still under 18...

Too bad they left the scene too early. Never got to see them live.

(I could provide you with the mp3s of the album, if that would make you happy? Well, I think I can - I definitely have it in a box somewhere across the North Sea - but my other half might have a copy as well.)

Spike said...

I can believe that! They do look pretty youthful.

If you could muster some mp3s, that would be fantastic! (The email address is teemap at gmail dot com if you manage it.) Thanks Martijn!
I've had the album on order from about 3 places for ages but no luck yet.

It is a real shame they didn't stick around for longer.

Anonymous said...

hey! it's kashina! i can copy you the record when i get back!

ally. said...

are you sure that's not a lost school party...

Spike said...

Kashina, you are a doll! I would marry you if someone hadn't asked you first! :oP

Quite possibly, Ally! Twee popstars, like policemen, are getting younger. Or maybe it just seems that way.

Anonymous said...

Most of them are turning 25 (except for Aina) so it was many years ago they were not allowed into clubs..