Thursday, 13 March 2008

"Humour me, darling"

I'm a sucker for anyone who can make me laugh. This definitely extends to bands as well. Today here are two bands beginning with 'K' who have suckered me good and proper!

Here are Kenickie being deadpan:
KateGoes over the rainbow
I've probably mentioned before that I'm a fan of Kenickie. One of my favourite Kenickie recordings is the hidden track on their debut album At The Club. Known as 'Montrose Gimps It Up For Charity', it's clearly largely improvised by bassist Emmy-Kate Montrose. As she mentions the milk bar, scaffolding and the fishnet section, the rest of the band piss themselves laughing in the background. Obviously I enjoy their pre-prepared songs too, but the humour is so infectious on this track!

Kenickie - Montrose Gimps It Up For Charity mp3 (available for 7 days)

Today, I spent a lot of time chuckling as I listened to my mp3 player. This was mostly down to KateGoes. I can't get enough of this band at the moment! They're so inventive and funny and make brilliant music! The Tamagotchi freak-out in this song is especially fantastic...

KateGoes - Yo-Yo mp3 (available for 7 days)

Please, please rush over to the KateGoes myspace page to listen to the songs up there (particularly Walking The Dog) then read the blog entry that tells you how to buy KateGoes music. I'm determined that everyone I've ever known should hear this band!

I'm surprised to see how hard it is to find a large online outlet where you can buy Kenickie albums in a tangible form, but you can buy them in download form from here. Hoorah!

P.S. Hey baby, you're gorgeous. Do you fancy accompanying me to the milk bar?


Kippers said...

Montrose Gimps It Up For Charity is pure unadulterated brilliance from start to finish!

As for the Tamagotchi freak-out bits in the Kate Goes song: completely bonkers!

alex said...

Yeah for Kenickie! I used to idolise them in my high school years, but could never manage to pull off the whole cheap glam thing.

Spike said...

Me too, Alex. I knew better than to even attempt the cheap glam so I settled for hanging around at the back being ordinary like Pete/Johnny X!

Dennis said...

Both of these are great. I really wanna go to a KateGoes conert now!