Friday, 18 April 2008

Pigeons treat

Today I'd like to take you back (back! back!) in time to the dim and distant days of autumn 2006. They were simpler times, for sure. Cast your mind back: to a time when Ashes To Ashes was just an old David Bowie song; to when a Facebook page would simply be an excerpt from Dirk Benedict's autobiography (thanks to Savage Sounds for that joke, which I'm shamelessly filching here!). Oh, and there was none of this new-fangled talk of so-called "credit crunches" - in '06 this phrase would only ever have come up if you were asking your local newsagent to let you have a bar of chocolate on the slate - a credit Crunchie, if you will.

It was also around this time that Swedish whippersnappers Lucky Lucky Pigeons were releasing their debut Happy Birds Day EP, which included one of the tracks we're featuring today, the fantastically-titled Who Smells Marshmallows. Think of a combination of a kind of Swedish Shampoo, Bis and Kenickie and you won't be a million miles away from the LLP sound.

Oddly, though, this EP didn't include today's other featured song, Keep On Kingie, which is perhaps their best track of all, and which seems to have been around for as long as their other stuff. Ah well, perhaps this one will be appearing in some form on their second EP, which, according to the band's MySpace page is in the process of being recorded right now (or last month, if you really want to split hairs). More news on that as and when it surfaces, but in the meantime enjoy these fantastic blasts from the, er, fairly recent past actually.

Lucky Lucky Pigeons - Keep On Kingie mp3

Lucky Lucky Pigeons - Who Smells Marshmallows mp3

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Anonymous said...

deer spike - c'est kashina - if you want more bissy material try to look for a song called 'where are your hiroshimas' by alternative. unfortunately i can't upload it, but it sounds EXACTLY like bis . . . except beating them by 15 years!
luv from me xo

mbritton said...

i think we should seriously try and get some kind of cult follwing going for LLP - they are a band i need to see before i die. We played who smells marshamllows at a house party the other month and everyone went WILD! though that might've been because everyone was drunk and there were only about 4 of us...