Saturday, 10 May 2008

Quote Of The Week

"There's not enough expletives to thank the players for what they've done this season."

- Cambridge United manager Jimmy Quinn, in a post-match interview with Setanta's Rebecca Lowe, on his team's achievement in reaching the Blue Square Premier play-off final after overcoming Burton Albion at the semi-final stage. F**k you very much!

Anyway, on with the music, which is, in a very real sense, what we're here for. Today's featured song is Play Girl, the second single from Anglo-Scottish/Bulgarian combo Ladytron, from 2000. Has there been a better example of electro pop in the past decade than this? I'm struggling to think of one anyway. Absolutely magnificent.

Ladytron - Play Girl mp3 (available for 7 days)

Ladytron's fourth album, Velocifero, is released on June 2nd. You can pre-order it here.


martijn said...

Personally, I think the Cambridge Player have done enough by now. Up, you City!

Kippers said...

After that comeback against Torquay, the Exeter players must believe anything's possible! One of the games of the season that was.

martijn said...

Well, last year they did something similar in Oxford and went on to lose the final. But yeah, it was bloody brilliant. This is the YouTube video I've watched more than any other.

Kippers said...

I love the way Harley threaded that equaliser through that crowd of players in the penalty area. Very skilfully done.

martijn said...

It was indeed - but don't underestimate the build-up to that goal either: Rob Edwards walking from one end of the field to the other!

JC said...

Can I be allowed to ask for you all to support Rochdale as they seek to gey out of Div 4 (old money) for the first time in 40 years???

Up the Dale.

Thank You

Kippers said...

Absolutely. Many's the time I saw Rochadale playing at Southend when my dad used to take me to Root's Hall in the late 70s and early 80s. Southend have been up and down more often than the proverbial bride's nightie since then, so it's incredible to think that Rochdale have stayed put all those years. Like an elephant entering its 24th month of pregnancy, they are well overdue! Up the Dale!