Sunday, 18 May 2008

Three Of A Kind #44

To celebrate the release of Flight of the Conchords' debut LP this week, today's Three Of A Kind features tracks by a trio of modern-day comic icons.

First up, the Conchords themselves with the not-quite-Barry-White Business Time, being as it is an ode to perfunctory, once-weekly marital sex, rather than any of the more salacious fare that The Walrus Of Love might have come up with (so to speak) himself.

Flight of the Conchords - Business Time mp3 (right click)

Mildly Interesting Comedy Pop Fact: contributors on the 2006 Flight of the Conchords BBC Radio 2 series included: Greg Proops, Emma Kennedy, Jimmy Carr, Daniel Kitson and, appearing regularly in a reluctant phone mentor role to the band's hapless manager Murray (or Bryan, as Rhys Darby's character was known then), the one and only Neil Finn!

It was great to see footage of early-eighties funk-punks The Higsons on last night's Comedy Map Of Great Britain on BBC2. The band met at the University of East Anglia and were, of course, fronted by The Fast Show and Down The Line legend Charlie "Switch" Higson - hence their appearance on the Comedy Map. One of the songs we saw them performing was this, their debut single:

The Higsons - I Don't want To Live With Monkeys mp3 (left click/available for 7 days)

Mildly Interesting Comedy Pop Fact: The Higsons released a couple of singles on the legendary 2 Tone label.

Forget Ricky Gervais's (in)famous crab dance, the real highlight of The Office, for me, was Gervais/David Brent's stirring rendition of his self-penned M.O.R. classic Freelove Freeway. Mackenzie Crook and Martin Freeman's background contributions to this shouldn't be underestimated either. Completely bloody hilarious.

David Brent - Freelove Freeway mp3 (left click/available for 7 days)

Mildly Interesting Comedy Pop Fact: Ricky's synth pop duo, Seona Dancing, were one of the acts tipped for success in the Fifteen For Eighty-Four feature in the 1984 Smash Hits Yearbook.

Buy stuff by today's featured artists, including the Flight of the Conchords' eponymous album, here.


kurt said...

Seona Dancing was hugely popular in the Philippines back in the 80's. Their song 'more to lose' was ginormously huuuugeee!!!

Kippers said...

Excellent! Glad to hear it!