Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Christ not on a bike!

If I was going to introduce today's song in haiku form, it would possibly go something like this:

Here's the new single
from Swedish combo Club 8
who died for our sins

but I realise I was probably pushing my luck already with that Harold Melvin one the other night, so instead I'll merely say this: Jesus, Walk With Me is a gorgeous slice of surprisingly acoustic pop from one of the best acts around, and it comes from a new 5-track EP of the same name that's available to buy for a paltry 6 EUROS from the Labrador webshop. So there you go.

Club 8 - Jesus, Walk With Me (right click)


M. Britton said...

some pretty beautiful music, that. Did they steal their name from s club 8? i hope not.

Kippers said...

Heh. I think they've been going since about 1996, so I think the jury can pass a verdict of 'not guilty' on this one!

Davy H said...

Love 'em.