Monday, 23 June 2008

Three of a Kind #48

Finally - at the fourth time of asking in a major championship on a June 22nd - Spain have won a penalty shoot-out (they had, rather spookily, lost the previous three that had fallen on this date in history), beating Italy in tonight's Euro 2008 quarter-final. Well done them - and to veteran coach Luis Aragonés for finally remembering that he had, in Cesc Fabregas, the best young midfielder in the world at his disposal, and belatedly introducing said midfield maestro for the latter stages of the game. Better late than never, gramps!

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lito said...

Yeeeees, I'm so happy :-)))

I was very pesimist before the football match, because it's always the same story, I've seen "that film" too many times, Spain wins the first matches and Italy (or France) pass to quarter-final in the last minute, but finally they always win. Yesterday was an historical day, it's the first time we are in semi-finals since France 1984.


Kippers said...

Congratulations Lito! Spain were my tip to win before the tournament started so I really hope they go all the way now. Also I'm an Arsenal fan so I always like to see Fabregas do well. I hope he starts in the semi-final and final (if they make it)!

ally. said...

i just wish that the manager and too many of the spain fans hadn't been so horrid.
last night they were bloody good