Thursday, 3 July 2008

Gringo Stars

Derbyshire five-piece Mexican Kids At Home currently have a rather splendid 4-track EP, When We All Live In Igloos, out on WeePOP! records, and it's full to bursting with folky pop goodness. Some always-welcome boy-girl vocals, too. A couple of things do bother me, however:

1) I'm beginning to suspect that, what with them being from the East Midlands and all, they may not be Mexican at all. A suspicion that's further strengthened by:

2) Not only do they (with the title of their EP) prophesize that we'll all end up living in dome-shaped structures fashioned from blocks of snow, on their MySpace page they actually claim to live in igloos already! Surely this just isn't feasible in a place like Derbyshire; or Mexico, for that matter. No, something's not quite right here. Readers, I think that - gasp! - Mexican Kids At Home have been lying to us.

I know, I'm as sickened by the whole shoddy affair as the rest of you. How do they sleep at night?! Really, the sooner they 'fess up and change their name to something more realistic like English Kids Possibly At Home But Definitely Not In An Igloo, the better I'll like it.

Mexican Kids At Home - A Tiny Bronco mp3 (for 7 days)

Buy we We All Live In Igloos* at the WeePOP! shop.

*it's a limited release of 160 copies, so you'll have to put your order in a bit sharpish to get one.

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JC said...


Its the best tribute to Glasgow tweeness I've heard this year.....