Sunday, 20 July 2008

Hit me baby one more time

I was going to describe today's featured track as the perfect three-minute pop song. But it's only two minutes twenty-five.

The Wannadies - Hit mp3

The Wannadies have at least twenty other songs as good as that in their canon, by the way, so get buying!

By the by, you've had a lucky escape today, because if Greg Norman had won the Open I was going to foist Fred Wedlock's The Oldest Swinger In Town on you! As it was, I was thrilled - not to say relieved - to see Padraig Harrington (officially the nicest man in sport) successfully defend his title.


JC said...

at least 20??

Nay.....its way way more. The best band ever to have emerged from Sweden (and there's a fair bit of competition.) And they do some cracking cover versions on the b-sides of their singles as well..

Kippers said...

Ahh, well, that's why I said *at least* 20 - to give myself a bit of scope.

But they are a great band, of course, B-sides and all. I wouldn't go quite as far as to describe them as the best ever Swedish band; that accolade would still have to go to ABBA, for me.

I'd have The Wannadies vying for second place along with the likes of Hello Saferide, Popsicle, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names and (early) Cardigans, though.

Kippers said...

> And they do some cracking cover versions on the b-sides of their singles as well.

Absolutely. I rememeber posting some excellent Wannadies covers of early Depeche Mode songs on this very blog not so long ago!

adam said...

Yes! yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

Kippers said...


I Am Not The Beatles said...

I'll have what she's having.