Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A right royal affair

Two very different versions of the same song today. The guitar-driven, building-to-a-crescendo indie powerpop epic Hey Princess was the debut single by legendary Swedish four-piece Popsicle, in 1992; twelve years later fellow Swede Johan Bergqvist reinterpreted the song as a much slower, piano-led number. The original is still the greatest, for me, but I do like the cut of the man Bergqvist's musical jib also. See what you think, me hearties!

(^ A Princess. Geddit?)

Popsicle - Hey Princess mp3

Johan Bergqvist - Hey Princess mp3

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1 comment:

Johan BQ said...

Thanks for bringing attention to my take on "Princess". I'm glad you like it. I think you might like my new band - The Genuine Fakes (named, as you might guess, after a Popsicle song from their last album). We try to carry on the torch and bring the mid-90's power/indie pop back.

Check out http://music.thegenuinefakes.com for some tunes.