Friday, 25 July 2008

Three of a Kind #51

With August almost upon us we've reached that time of year when a young man's (or indeed woman's) thoughts start turning to the serious business of fantasy football. Anyone else up for a game? If so, please feel free to join us for the third annual Fantasy Premier League Group of Death, a competition that, with 43 entrants last year, is at least twice as difficult to win as the actual Premier League itself.

Anyway, if you fancy entering a team simply register here and then, once you've selected your squad of 15 players, click on "Manage leagues" and then under the "Join a private league" tab simply enter the following code: 120266-80540 and voila! Your team will now be enrolled in the Group of Death. Good luck!

ABBA - The Name of The Game mp3

Sound Stage Orchestra - The Big Match mp3

Heaven 17 - Play To Win mp3

(mp3s available for 7 days)

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JC said...

43 entrants??? Well, given that only of one of 4 teams can with the real thing, by my calculations, yours is 11 times harder to win.....

I might just join in.....

Kippers said...

Good point! (and Liverpool never really get within a country mile of winning the Premiership, so you could even say our league's 14 times harder to win.)

But yes, please do sign up. It's a good laugh.

JC said...

The Grapes Of Raith are in!!!

Kippers said...

Great stuff! Love your team name BTW!