Friday, 5 September 2008

Three of a Kind #56

Keeping up with the latest releases from your favourite bands and singers can be difficult in these fast-paced, information-laden times, we all know that. So please, allow us to help you keep on top of things, as it were, with this brief round-up of new stuff from a few of our favourite tip-top pop types.

First up, ex-Monkey Swallows The Universe singer-songwriter Nat Johnson releases her debut solo single Dirty Rotten Soul, on CD and as a download, on the 29th of September. It's accompanied by this rather saucy vid, in which our Nat leads a young Bill Bryson astray. Who'd've thunk it?

If the thought of having to wait a whole three weeks before you can get your hands on a copy of that fills you with angst, fear not! That nice Pete Green has a new four-track 7" single out right now. The Platform Zero EP is available for a snipsome £4 (inc P&P) from here.

Dennis from All That Ever Mattered has a rather splendid interview with the man himself on his blog at the moment, which I'd urge everyone to check out also.

And here's track three of Platform Zero, in which Pete (British) rails against the corporate toadying of the modern-day NME. Right on!

Pete Green - Best British Band Supported By Shockwaves mp3 (right click)

Finally today, it's Mr Green's great showbiz chum MJ Hibbett with the heart-warming It Only Works Because You're Here, from an EP of the same name featuring seven songs from his recent Edinburgh Fringe show My Exciting Life In Rock. You can buy the EP direct from the source. This one's actually been out since the 21st of July, so I'm hopelessly late picking up on it. But like I said at the start, it's difficult these days!

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