Monday, 13 October 2008

Great Scot!

A spot of inspired rabble-rousing from folking brilliant Stirlingshire lass Karine Polwart (who Spike wrote about aaaages ago in this post) today, and a live version of Only One Way, recorded at 2005's Cambridge Folk Festival. Can you guess who she's referring to here, readers?

And when a genocidal maniac talks about grief
And you kinda get the feeling that there's nothing underneath
You can't believe a man would lie through such nice teeth
Only one way

It's a puzzler, for sure! Actually, this is probably a good time to feature this song here, while it's still relevant, as come next month (and a certain presidential election) it'll seem as hopelessly anachronistic as a pair of flares at a punk gig. Anyway, enjoy the song - it's a belter.

Karine Polwart - Only One Way (live) mp3

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