Thursday, 23 October 2008

Three of a Kind #61

Three from Sweden's Kissing Mirrors today, purely and simply because they're chuffing brilliant and more people need to hear their music.

Kissing Mirrors - Let's Kill Cupid mp3

Kissing Mirrors - Whims & Fancies mp3

Kissing Mirrors - Fuck Me Like A Millionaire mp3

Kissing Mirrors on MySpace


Dennis said...

Nice ones. Perhaps all a minute too longer than needed, but still good! Hadn't heard them before.

Dennis said...

Too long, longer... you know what I mean!

marmiteboy said...

First I'd heard of them. I like a lot. Cheers for bringing them to teh attention of the masses.

JC said...

Not bad....thought Whims & Fancies was the pick of the three.

Had a look at the myspace site. Going by how many past and present members there are, they either have one helluva live show or one of the band thinks he or she is Sweden's answer to Mark E Smith...