Monday, 10 November 2008

Nik off!

Wouldn't it be good to be in your shoes, even if it was for just one day.

So sang wee Nik Kershaw on his 1984 hit single, surprisingly entitled Wouldn't It Be Good. But would it though, really? I mean, I can't say for sure if Nik was addressing me directly on this song (although he probably was), but if so I'm afraid his reverie would have turned out to be nothing more than a massive anti-climax, had it ever been realised. Let me explain.

Being a relatively lanky six-feet tall I take a size 10 shoe - which, quite clearly, would have been far too big for the diminutive Suffolk-based popster, who, without wishing to sound unkind here, would probably have been better off seeking the footwear of someone more his stature - Jimmy Krankie or David Rappaport, say. It really is that simple (or would have been, had he been properly advised at the time).

Actually, I'd even go as far as to say that Kershaw's whole second-hand shoes idea was altogether insalubrious, as goodness knows what kind of foot-based ailments he might have picked up going around aspiring to other people's smelly old trainers, slingbacks and pixie boots left right and centre. No, he really didn't think this through at all. Unless he had some kind of footwear fetish, of course, in which case I'd urge him to seek professional help immediately (assuming he hasn't already done so in the intervening twenty-four years). It's never too late, Nik. Just ask Kylie.

Anyway, never mind all that. I'll tell you what really would be good - if London tweepop veterans Would-Be-Goods were to get around to releasing their fifth album, perhaps calling it Eventyr (meaning ‘adventures’ or ‘fairy tales’, and taken from the title of Hans Christian Andersen's classic collection of stories) and releasing it on the always excellent Matinée Recordings label, around about now. Oh! They just have. Better have a couple of tracks from it then!

Would-Be-Goods - Sad Stories mp3 (right click)

Would-Be-Goods - The Ghost of Mr. Minton mp3 (right click)

Eventyr is available from the Matinée Shop.


dickvandyke said...

Dear Kips,

Even today, when I hear someone say ...

"Where do we go from here?"

I have to respond (usually out loud),

"Is it down to the lake, I fear?"

Funny looks all 'round.
I've never found anyone who knows what I'm on about. What should I do.

Kippers said...

Simple, Dickie. Just buy everyone you know a copy of Pelican West and tell them you'll be setting them a lyrics quiz pertaining to the songs on it in the near future. Voila! You'll henceforth be able to wander down to the lake I fear with impunity.

Hope this helps!