Thursday, 11 December 2008

Christmas Party On!

One of the undoubted highlights of the past couple of Christmases for me has (and indeed have) been the Christmas EPs released by all-female a cappella choir The Sweptaways. The songs on these releases have been, without exception, absolutely top-notch. But alas it seems that this year we won't be getting an EP from them. (not unless they're keeping extremely quiet about it anyway.) Boo!

Ah well, like the market trader stuck with a job lot of old calendars, we'll always have 2006 and 2007. Speaking of which, here's the lead track from last year's seasonal Sweptaways spectacular, the frankly wondrous Christmas Party, featuring guest vocals from the equally fab Marit Bergman. If this doesn't fill your heart with (admittedly slightly premature) Christmas joy then you employ an underpaid clerk named Bob Cratchit and I claim my five pounds!

The Sweptaways with Marit Bergman - Christmas Party mp3

You can buy the four-track Sweptaways Christmas Party EP as a download for a snipsome £3.20 here.

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