Sunday, 4 January 2009

Three of a Kind #70

Norway's Kings of Convenience aren't exactly the most prolific of duos, only releasing what, two albums' worth of your actual new material in the past eight years. But they really do make some lovely music when the mood takes them (and when Erlend's not off concentrating on his other projects).

For me they were never better than on 2000's magnificent Playing Live In A Room EP, recorded at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, from which these three acoustic gems are taken.

Kings of Convenience - Toxic Girl mp3

Kings of Convenience - Singing Softly To Me mp3

Kings of Convenience - Parr-à-pluie mp3

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Dennis said...

Thanks, hadn't heard these 3 songs before! Lovely.

ally. said...

lovely ain't they. and ta for these - just right for a foggy morning

Tiago said...

I've been searching for this EP for months, and find it nowhere! :(

The download links have already expired, could you please upload it again? Or maybe the all EP (xD), or only the tracks you're willing to upload.

Thank you so much :)