Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Three of a Kind #78

It's funny how you can often have the most inexplicable gaps in your record collecion. Or maybe it's just me. Take the Popguns, for example. I own four of their singles: 1989's Waiting For The Winter, '91's Still A World Away and Crazy, and '95's Get Out. All of these I'd have bought at the time of their release, and all are utterly brilliant. But for some reason I never actually got round to buying any of their albums - despite the excellence of those singles and the fact that they released several long players as well as a Best of compilation. Christ I'm slack at times.

I mean, just have a look at the video for Still A World Away. Indie pop just doesn't get any better than this:

And yet still it never occured to me to seek out any of their albums at the time. Pranny.

Thankfully, though, we live in an age where places like this mp3 shop seem to have pretty much every piece of music that's ever been recorded available to download at the click of a mouse, so I'm now able to plug some of those extensive gaps in my Popguns collection. If you have any I suggest you do the same, a bit sharpish. Be rude not to really.

The Popguns - Still A World Away mp3

The Popguns - Crazy mp3

The Popguns - Get Out mp3


Pete Green said...

I'm glad words like 'pranny' are being kept alive. Keep up the good work.

Kippers said...

Thanks man. I was torn between 'pranny' and 'pillock' but I think either would have been equally appropriate.