Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The snow is always whiter on the other side

Watch out, watch out, there's a new Hello Saferide single about. It's called Arjeplog, it’s "about the north of Sweden, about going to the city and missing the countryside, and about going to the countryside and missing the city. It’s about love, and it’s about spooning without one arm getting numb" (so says that there Annika Norlin), it's taken from the album More Modern Short Stories From Hello Saferide and it's accompanied by this recession-beating video, filmed in five minutes at a cost of precisely nothing. Hurrah!


Davy H said...

That is absolutely bloody lovely.

alistair said...

I'd never really clicked with Hello Saferide before, but this has done the trick :)

Spike said...

Now, how can I communicate just how much I love that without using any swear words? Oh bugger it...that was fucking brilliant!! I watched that without even thinking about doing anything else for over 4 minutes. Magical.