Friday, 29 May 2009

Notes From A Small Islander

Hello all. How's tricks? Rather alarmingly, and after several attempts at starting this entry, I appear to have lost the art of composing a semi-coherent blog post in the week or so since I last wrote here. So, while I try and remember how the hell you're supposed to string a sentence together, please sit back and enjoy/endure another gripping extract from my childhood diary. Hurrah!

Tuesday 19th February

Up the park there was a bouncy castle. Arsenal 3 Bolton 0

Wednesday 20th February

A. Villa 1 Blackburn 0. I saw it on telly

Friday 22nd February

Colchester 2 Southend 1

Wednesday 27th February

Emlyn Hughes This Is Your Life.

Sunday 16th March

Went to the Ideal Home Exhibition

Sunday 30th March

Went up park for game of footer. I got it!

Tuesday 1st April

Did lots of April fools on people. Liverpool 1 Stoke 0

Wednesday 2nd April

Broke up from school for Easter holiday.

Friday 9th/Saturday 10th/Sunday 11th May

Didn't feel well

Monday 12th May

didn't feel well. Last in the series of Not The Nine O'Clock News

Tuesday 13th May

Moved into new house. Felt better

Thursday 15th May

Went to Ians disco

Thursday 22nd May

Went to Malta for two weeks. Had to get up at half two in the morning. Got at Gatwick at half 5, flight took 3 hours 20 minutes. Got at Malta airport at half 11. Got at hotal Galaxy at about ten past twelve. Later on went to swimming pool for a swim.

Friday 23rd May

At the hotel there were a lot of blocks a and b for Pontins people. We went in a block. The swimming pool was on G block 1st floor (one of globals block)

Saturday 24th May

In reception area there's pub called the cats whiskers and games room where you can play bar football table tennis or pool.

Sunday 25th May

Went swimming in pool. went for walk along seafront. had ice cream. enjoyed walking on rocks. after that went back and played bar football.

Monday 26th May

went into Sliema shopping centre for a morning and went there and back on a boneshaker bus

Tuesday 27th May

went on the roof of our block and sunbathed. not for long though!

Wednesday 28th May

Saw european cup final. Saw it in the room with an Italian man commentating. Met Lee from Liverpool.

Well that's more than enough holiday excitement for one entry I think. Find out what happened next, next!

The Byrds - My Back Pages mp3


Davy H said...

Lee from Liverpool, if you're out there, get in touch La.

Davy H said...

PS: You look just like my friend Steven at that age. He lived two doors down, had the Evel Kneivel stunt bike.

Davy H said...

PPS: I had the best haircut of my life in Malta (Valetta, to be precise); I'd swim, dive, plunder innocent sea urchins, etc - come up tidy, yet still soft and quiffy.

I was six.

S'been downhill all the way since.

Kippers said...

*sigh* Small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts. All a far cry, though, isn't it? Marvellous.

I know how you feel BTW. Thems were the days and no mishtoike guv'nor.

dickvandyke said...

You were quite a sickly child Kippers old lad. Although my previous 'workshy fop' judgement has lessened slightly, since you were proper poorly over the Easter hols. Or was it perhaps that you simply wanted to avoid the trials and tribs of a house move; as you immediately felt better afterwards? Although a dose of Not The Nine O'Clock News and Pamela Stephenson may have been efficacious.

What year was all this again?

Emlyn Hughes - This Is Your Life. I bet he got seriously carried away. Arms waving about wildly and running into Eamonn Andrews. I suspect Princess Anne woulda been the 'biggie' guest at the end?

Hotel Galaxy sounds a little Colditz-based. 'Cept for the pool in G Block. 'Global' holidays eh. As Fred Pontin might say, no need to "Book Early" for them.

Wonder if the Cat's Whiskers is now a bi-sexual lapdancing emporium called the Lilac Mushroom?

Can't wait for the next instalment 'Mr' Kips.

Kippers said...

I suppose I did have my sickly moments now you mention it. I remember once throwing up after an espcially ill-advised country dancing jaunt in the school hall one lunchtime immediately after a plate of sausage and mash. The teacher wouldn't listen to my protestations about feeling ill and just assumed that I was trying to get out of said country dancing as, well, it was a bit naff really. I showed her though! In her face! (or rather all over her shoes. Bleurgh!).

I also remember fainting once after playing a wise man or something in the school nativity play, when I'd been compelled to wear a cumbersome costume fashioned from, if memory serves, a heavy pair of old curtains. After our performance was over we had to go and sit in the audience, still in our costumes, and sit through the performance from the next class or whatever. This was when I passed out. I'd got too hot and the next thing I knew I was waking up in the nurse's office.

You're probably right about the stress and uncertainty of moving house for the first time having had a lot to do with that particular illness too.

BTW, in an only slightly spooky coincidence I also moved house on May 13th this year, almost three decades on. What can it all mean?

P.S. I'm sure Pontinental wouldn't have put us up in a shonky hotel. Would they?! ;)

P.P.S. It's a bird! It's a bird!