Sunday, 17 May 2009

Three of a Kind #87

Out for a spot of leisurely weekend cycling this morning I saw two completely different people (as opposed to one completely different person) fall off their bikes in the space of a couple of minutes, on the other side of the road. Which isn't bad going considering I hadn't witnessed anyone come a cropper in such a fashion for absolutely donkey's years. Spooky, eh?

But yes, well done me for obviously having suddenly developed some sort of Damien-esque telekinetic ability to make bad things happen to people who are unfortunate enough to come into my line of vision, even when I'm not trying.

And maybe it's just the Antichrist in me, but I find there's something inherently hilarious about someone suddenly and unexpectedly toppling over sideways or forwards, as those hapless cyclists did (both of whom escaped serious injury and were helped back in the saddle by friends immediately afterwards, by the way). It's a bit like watching an old Charlie Chaplin or Harold Lloyd stunt, or something; comedy really is all in the timing.

Anyway, here are some songs to commemorate the whole coincidental, traumatised cyclists/blogger-as-possible-Antichrist incident!

Five Star - All Fall Down mp3

Roy Budd - Getting Nowhere In A Hurry mp3

Catatonia - Mulder & Scully mp3


Davy H said...

Devil child, were you responsible for this too?

Kippers said...

*cough* Well you know how it is. Business at my puncture repair shop had been a bit slack of late, and it seemed a shame to let all those spare carpet tacks I'd been stockpiling down the years go to waste, so y'know. It semed rude not to really.

ally. said...

two legs good is my travel motto. i'm not good with any number of wheels. apart from busses obviously.
ps - i'm horribley jealous of your power