Sunday, 10 May 2009

Wheat petite

I've always really loved Wheat's Don't I Hold You. Well, when I say "always" I don't actually mean for all time. For one thing it was only written a decade or so ago and for another I've not been around for all time. I'm not God for God's sake! Even if I had been around since the beginning of time the chances of the American indie rock band Wheat coming along and releasing this just as I was creating the universe would be slimmer than Posh Spice after an especially gruelling session at the colonic irrigation clinic.

Thought I'd best clarify all that, anyway, just in case anyone had any doubts. I'm not the Almighty, OK!?

But my point remains: it's a great song. And oh look! here it is in mp3 form, along with the cringetastic accompanying vid which features lots of exhibitionist numpties taking it in turns to play tonsil hockey on a big red sofa! Eurgh!

Wheat - Don't I Hold You mp3

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