Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Life of O'Brien

There was this mildly terrifying teacher at my old junior school called Mr O'Brien, a bearded Irishman prone to flying off the handle for no apparent reason. We used to call him Mr B.O. because a) it was a reversal of his initials; and b) because he had all the personal hygiene problems that you might expect from someone with such a nickname. My god he reeked.

Thankfully, despite sharing part of a name with my old form teacher, up-and-coming Bermondsey combo Lion O'Brien don't share any of the traits outlined above - well, not unless they forget to shower before taking the stage at gigs and then spend the duration of their sets haranguing the audience for not applauding loudly enough between songs, or something. But I can't really see that happening; they look like such a nice bunch.

One thing I do know about Lion O'Brien, having listened to their soon-to-be-released debut EP Raincloud v Sunshine, is that they do a fine line in infectious, feel-good indie pop. It's not often music that's submitted to us via email catches my ear but I was really impressed with these songs from the first play. Have a listen to lead track This Life and see if you agree!

Lion O'Brien - This Life mp3 (for 7 days)

The Raincloud v Sunshine EP is released on 20th July through iTunes and Amazon

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