Monday, 1 June 2009

Sing Sing Song of the Day

This is brilliant; quite possibly the best summer song you'll hear this side of Club Tropicana. It really is (almost) that good!

^ 2000 remix

Sing-Sing - Feels Like Summer mp3 < 1998 original

Mildly Interesting Pop Fact(s): Sing-Sing were around for yonks but split up a couple of years ago. Emma Anderson (yes, that one) is now involved in music publicity in fashionable Brighton while singer Lisa O'Neill married the comically-named Run Wrake and went off to live in the Kent countryside (or at least in a house in the Kent countryside). Marvellous.


Pete Green said...

Woooo! That's ace!

It takes some doing to write a catchy summer tune with a hint of shade, like that one. Mmmm. Never really got round to checking out Sing Sing. Regretting that.

Nice video as well. I used to well fancy Emma Anderson.

Kippers said...

Oh yes, the thinking man's Miki Berenyi, was Emma.

I used to really fancy Miki Berenyi BTW.


I've got a couple more Sing-Sing singles knocking around somewhere. Will have to shove them up here as well, if I ever manage to track them down.