Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Ad Man Cometh

Yesterday it was a Pelle Carlberg song appropriated for the purposes of flogging a leading brand of breakfast cereal; today it's a ditty that's actually a paean to cereals in general, courtesy of versatile Sheffield singer-songwriter John Shuttleworth. Serial Cereal Eater (for that is it) even mentions Special K at one point, which makes me wonder if Kellogg's weren't missing a trick by not hiring Mr Shuttleworth for that ad campaign. Ho hum.

Funnily enough, John has recently been appearing in a series of TV commercials, for Yorkshire Tea. Which at least makes some kind of sense I s'pose. Still, though, if he must advertise a tipple, I reckon Ken Worthington's Bitter would be a better bet. Ooph!

John Shuttleworth - Serial Cereal Eater mp3