Sunday, 13 September 2009

Three of a Kind #97

The weekend stops here!

Edson - Sunday, Lovely Sunday mp3

The Budgies - Lucky Sunday mp3

The Sundays - Gone mp3


dickvandyke said...

How I miss Sir Harry (What,what!) miming Bread Of Heaven in front of The Delinquent Teenage Choir of Penge of a Sunday evening.

Or Dame Thora's northern straightalking homespun philosophy, or Jess Yates's oily smarm as a choirboy rustles below shot in a bid to find the 'lost pencil'.

Perhaps the 'God Slot' on a Sunday should be re-commissioned and left open for viewer ideas? What would work? ...

'Monkey Tennis against Priests' - with one knocked out each week.

'Sermon Of The Month' - where soap stars preach in a bid to sell the Gospels to an audience of age 18-30heretics.

'Celebate Celebrity' - How long can C-listers go, before bodily fluids are measured with a dipstick. A dolled up Katherine Jenkins would sashay past in an 'Ejaculation Elimination' Round.

'Confessional Corner' - where the audience guesses the identity of a veiled sportsperson from the clues given in a mock confessional box. ('Bless me father, for I have sinned, it is 3 weeks since my last Nandrolone injection').

'Futile Gesture' - where, in a bid to get bums on church pews, Sir Harry (What,what!) Secombe mimes Bread Of Heaven in front of The Delinquent Teenage Choir of Penge ... (It'll never work).

Kippers said...

Ratings winners all!

How about:

'Stars Seeing Stars On Sunday' - in which haters of oleaginous smarm bucket celebrities congregate in different provincial churches each week in order to punch someone famous in the face. This week: Pam Rhodes presents from Ely Cathedral as boxing-glove-bedecked parishioners form an orderly queue to get at Simon Cowell.

Kippers said...

'Cheggars Prays Pop' - Loveable Scouser Keith Chegwin invites recording artistes to sing the words of well-known prayers along to the tunes of their own well-known hits. This week: Modern Romance recite the Lord's Prayer to the tune of Aye aye Aye Aye Moosey.

dickvandyke said...

'The Christian Shot' -
Fundamental Muslims represent their country by way of directing a crossbow over a phoneline to a blindfolded Imam in the studio. ("Yusuf ... The Bolt").

Sunni and Shi'as battle it out aiming at a numbered target affixed to a galaxy of minor celebrity blue-eyed infidels strapped to a turning wheel. A bubbly Antioch Aston keeps score.

The winner is invited into the double your winnings jackpot final round - 'Sheikh Yer Money'

The audience is whipped into a frenzy by host Terry Waite with chants such as, 'You're Shiite and you know you are' and 'You Win More At Mecca'.

All with hilarious consequences.