Sunday, 4 October 2009

A day in the life of a Swedish pop star...

The above video clip is from Asha Ali's rather ace blog (the accompanying music is hers too), which she updates regularly. It's written in English as well, which is a boon for those of us who happen to speak even less actual Swedish than the chef from the Muppets. (He was brilliant though, wasn't he?)

Anyway, I digress. All pop stars should keep a blog like Asha's one. (Well, all good pop stars, at least. I mean I wouldn't be all that fussed about hearing the daily witterings of, say, Will Young, Celine Dion or the members of Big Fun, to be perfectly honest with you.)

It (the blog - do keep up) is informative, has great clips like the one above and some great photos of Gothenburg to boot. And where else would you find out that Asha Ali's second album Hurricane will be released on October 7th on CD and digitally through iTunes? (Apart from here, obviously - and lots of other places too, I shouldn't wonder.)

But yes, please do go and buy Hurricane when the time comes, and enrich your life just that little bit further!

By the way, you know when bloggers write stuff along the lines of "I first wrote about so-and-so IN THIS POST three hundred years ago - aren't I clever?" (I'm paraphrasing, obviously) and link back to that previous post on the same artist? Well...

I first wrote about Asha Ali two years ago IN THIS POST - aren't I clever?


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Ross said...

Aside from Roxette, Ace of Bass, and Abba, the only Scandinavian pop music I know is from Boyzvoice. I prefer their song "Hey, Mr. President" to a similarly titled song by Pink.