Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Hometown Boys & Girls

Swedish indie classic ahoy! It's The Wannadies' 1990 gem My Home Town...

And here's Min Hemstad, a Swedish language cover of the very same song from Annika 'Hello Saferide' Norlin's other project Säkert (which, thanks to having known and liked the Wannadies' version for years, now becomes the first Säkert song I've ever understood the lyrics to!)

The Wannadies - My Home Town mp3

The Säkert version of the song can be found on the new Razzia Records compilation, There's A Razzia Going On Volume 2, which also, rather thrillingly, includes a previously unreleased Hello Saferide song, I Fold, and which can be ordered here.


Davy H said...

When will Annika marry me?

Kippers said...

I'm sure it's on her list of things to do!