Friday, 23 October 2009

Three of a Kind #100

A trio of cricket-themed songs, to bring up the Three of a Kind century. Lord's knows it's not been easy. We've maiden no ball effort to keep the partnership ticking over and, while we've almost been stumped a few times along the way and generally talked a lot of balls, we've never knowingly overstepped the mark or been caught out. It's been a good innings really; a real labour of glove. And this may sound like a silly point, but I think it's even made me a better all rounder person.

Righto ducks, time for a declaration I think. Over and out. (Extra information: the third track's a wrong 'un.)

The Duckworth Lewis Method - Jiggery Pokery mp3

Sherbet - Howzat mp3

The Commentators - N-N-Nineteen Not Out mp3


dickvandyke said...

My dad used to clean chim-chimeneys from the top to the bottom.

He was a reverse sweep.

Kippers said...


Davy H said...

You'll be fielding lots of comments after that; hope no dodgy ones slip through.

Kippers said...

You're right. I could be on a sticky wicket here.

Then again, I think the crowd called it a day ages ago.

Davy H said...

You crease me up!

Ross said...

One more for the list:

Marvellous by the Twelfth Man (1992).