Monday, 16 November 2009

Derek Boland 1965-2009

So, pioneering British rapper Derek B has died from a heart attack, aged just 44. First Edward Woodward, now this. What a crappy day. This was his biggest hit (Derek's, not Edward's), 1988's Bad Young Brother (Sign O' The Times sample and all):

I hadn't realised till today that Derek co-wrote The Anfield Rap, the naff but surprisingly memorable Liverpool FA Cup Final song for 1988. (Its naffness and the fact that I don't even support Liverpool still didn't stop the teenage me from buying it on 7" at the time mind.)

Actually, I should have got the connection between Derek B and this song much much earlier. I mean, that's clearly Derek's voice at the start that John Barnes is miming over, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

You are a pioner and as a kid help me push my protential when you would let me mc on youe set in bentleys night club canning town east london your will always be remembered et silicon bless

Anonymous said...

I knew Derek from East London ( whipps cross BMX days) then the famous Bentleys in canning town with DJ Froggy.



Anonymous said...

I too used to frequent Bentleys to see Derek and Froggy...well there both together again..

..anyone got tickets...

R.I.P Delboy..

Barry Tee

Anonymous said...

Me and the boys drove from Norwood to Bentleys, Canning Town every week just to hear Derek B spin some tunes ......Great Times....

All those who remember those days just shout out

"Bentleys Let Me Hear You"!!!!!

R.I.P Derek B...Purveyor of the Good Groove

rodney black said...

omg still can't belive it got out all my tunes of the great derek b
wat a big shock of the music of the rap life i bet he is up there mixing it up with jam master jay , james brown,2 pac,biggie,michel jackson.
we all gonna miss u B will never ever 4get u R.I.P MY BADD YOUNG BROTHER.

Anonymous said...

jus listenin to Supreme radio today 21/11/09 & DJ was playing atribute to Derek B & playin all Bentleys tunes..OMG, cant beleive Derek B has gone, all those good ol' days that we had down Bentleys..nuffin nowdays can match them days....RIP Derek

Anonymous said...

I just done a Google search for Bentleys and this came up, If any body is interested I have set up a group on Facebook for Bentleys. I would love for people to join and post what ever you have on Bentleys as this was my dads night club.
Thank You
Froggy Derek and Jack
(owner of Bentleys if you didnt know) are back together now!

Lorenzo2363 said...

My Dear friend Derek... I'm gonna miss you.. I not only remember the days at Bently's but watching you at the top of your game at Hanover Grand!!

And I remember the days when we Partyed Hard!

RIP my friend