Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Trevor & Simon Podcasts

Podcasts: everyone's doing them nowadays. Well, not everyone, obviously. I mean I'm not, and you're probably not either. But then again, perhaps you are. We just don't know. Well, you might, but I don't. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Podcasts: everybody's doing them nowad-

Bugger. Shall I start again?


Amongst the seemingly endless lists of comedy podcasts doing the rounds these days, one that you never see advertised* is that of Trevor & Simon, the erstwhile Saturday morning TV comedy duo par excellence. In fact I wasn't even aware of its existence until yesterday - despite the fact that their podcast has been running since February (not continuously, obviously. I mean they've probably taken naps and the odd toilet break here and there).

But anyway, yes, Trev & Simon's podcast is my new favourite. I listened to the first one last night and it made me laugh a lot. But then I'd not expect anything else from two funny (ha ha, not peculiar) blokes who've known each other forever and have such a great rapport. Their producer Andrea chips in with some great lines of her own too. All in all its a marvellous way to pass an hour or so.

Here, filched from their blog, is a list of the stuff they talk about in that first episode:

Smiley Culture
Pob v Bod
What the podcast is going to be called
What we’ve been up to over the last ten years
Me (Simon) saying “Swing your pants” and annoying Trev
Outed by Jonathan Ross
Obama’s rubbishy car
Ghosts (Roman ones, poltergeists, ghosts who say ‘hello’)
Phantasm (the film)
Hammer Horror films
Raquel Welch and Fred Trueman
Marc Bolan
Trev’s family collection of porno (from when he was a child) versus my family’s Football Pink
Coronation Street is real
My blog- Mummified Fox
A question from Bruce

And here's the download link

As you can possibly tell, it made my day discovering this! I think they've done another eight podcasts since that opening one, too, so if you don't see much of me on here for a while you'll know where I've disappeared to!

Before I bugger off, here's some classic Going Live-era T&S Theatre Shop action.

And relax!

*I've subsequently learnt that T&S's pod has made both the Guardian's and Dave's top ten podcast lists, so forget what I said there about it not featuring anywhere. Just me spouting ill-informed rubbish again!


Davy H said...

You're so behind the times that if you were any further behind them you'd be back here with me, behind everyone (though I'd actually still be behind you - He's behind you!! - etc).

Kippers said...

*sigh* It's all true, I'm hopelessly behind the times. (I know a good podcast when I hear one, mind!)

BTW, is that Bryan Adams song still number 1?

ally. said...

ill informed rubbish - it's my favourite kind.

ta for this - just the thing for a trapped indoors by hair ruining wind and rain kind of saturday

Kippers said...

No worries!

Trev & Si shoved a brand new podcast up on their site last night too, by the way. So that's nine in total now. Hours of fun!

Simon said...

Thank you for such a lovely write up. Yes, we did feature on the Dave thing but I think the Guardian was wrongly reported (I can't find any mention). So, it's a fairly low profile, now and again-ish podcast, but we have fun doing them.

Thank for listening,

Cheers, Simon

Kippers said...

Thanks for clarifying, Simon. We'll have to start a campaign or something to get your podcast to take its rightful place in the actual Guardian Top 10!

Really looking forward to the Christmas podcast, if and when one should appear.