Friday, 5 February 2010

Three of a Kind #101

Fuck it, I'd better post something here before I forget how to do it, or Blogger delete the blog due to inactivity or something...

Yes, like a screaming girlie on a railway line in a silent movie, I've been a bit tied up of late; give it another week or two, though, and I should be able to get things back on track, blogwise.

In the meantime, ta for your patience - and get yer listening gear round these gems from Popsicle legend Andreas Mattsson's 2006 album The Lawlessness of the Ruling Classes. Makes Richard Hawley sound like Richard Stilgoe!

Andreas Mattsson - It's Easier To Handle All Your Friends Than To Keep Just One Love Alive mp3

Andreas Mattsson - You're Never Lonely When The Band Plays mp3

Andreas Mattsson - Summer of Speed mp3


Mick said...

Yay! It's about time too! They should go back to trial by ordeal - at least that wouldn't keep decent people from blogging.

Mick said...

PS Couldn't Spike post something? You can't both be on jury duty.

Kippers said...

Life as a juror wouldn't be so bad if they didn't keep you waiting around so much. Sometimes it's like a neverending wait in an airport lounge; you spend more time waiting to go in the courtroom than you actually do sitting on the jury (not literally sitting on the jury, by the way!).

Spike's not on jury duty but she has a million and one things to do every day at the moment so has even less time to blog than me. Maybe one of these days we'll lure her back here though, you never know!

Xanthi said...

oh i missed that blog...welcome back!

Kippers said...

Thanks Xanthi!