Monday, 22 March 2010

Ooh Bettie

Dutch types Bettie Serveert are a band I very much associate with the 1990s (more specifically, the mid-90s), so imagine my surprise when learning earlier today that not only are they still very much going, they also have a new album coming out this week! Well strike me roan, as Alf Stewart would doubtless have it were he not a) an Australian in his late sixties with little or no knowledge of the Bettie Serveert oeuvre or modern European indie rock in general and b) a fictional character.

Anyway, the album in question, Pharmacy of Love, is released tomorrow (23rd March), and here's the first single from it, the rather rocking Deny All - along with some classic Serveert product of yesteryear, Geek, from 1997's Dust Bunnies LP.

Bettie Serveert - Deny All mp3

Bettie Serveert - Geek mp3

Mildly Diverting Pop Fact: Bettie Serveert, which translates as "Bettie Serves", took their name from from a television programme of that name hosted by Dutch tennis player Betty Stöve, who made it to the Wimbledon Ladies singles final in 1977, where she very considerately lost to home favourite Virginia "I'm not South African really - honest!" Wade, in what was some old queen's jubilee year or something. Oh yes, Stöve was really cooking on gas that year.
*boom* *tish*

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